about us

How Rheya began

Hi, I'm Chloe. I'm the founder of Rheya Swim (I'm the one wearing all black in the photo above). I grew up in a small beach town and was always in a swimsuit, but was never satisfied with what I bought- there was always something I wanted to alter, cut, change. For a while, I worked in the film industry as a producer for music videos and was the only woman around in most rooms/sets. I was never taken seriously and became frustrated, so I needed a creative outlet. I've always loved fashion, and I started sketching swimwear for fun. Before I knew it I had samples, picked out packaging, and found the perfect name. I launched Rheya when I was 21 and have figured it out as I went along. I am continuously learning and am always open to feedback, I love hearing from you guys. I'm so passionate about my business and I aim to change the way the swimwear industry works. 

What we believe in 

We believe that there should be an easier way to shop for swimwear. You shouldn't have to choose between a small fitting room with unflattering lighting or a website where every model is the same. We believe that you should feel included and see someone who looks like you when trying to purchase something online. We're done seeing the same thing over and over. We believe all of those things other brands love to photoshop away are what make us human and beautiful. We're working on a more inclusive and efficent way to get you the best fitting suit. Our current website is just the start, so bare with us.  

How it's made/priced

Rheya's fabrics are sourced in downtown Los Angeles and we're working on converting to a 100% recycled fabric, but don't worry, it'll still be just as soft. Rheya's suits are handmade in downtown Los Angeles by a small team of women that receive above ethical wages. 

Our suits are made by the same manufacturer of many household-name swim brands and the quality of each piece is hand-checked twice before shipment.